First IT Company Based College

STAR INFOTECH, was established in 2003. It is 1st IT company-based college that is duly approved by the Government of Rajasthan, is affiliated with M.D.S. University Ajmer Rajasthan, and is certified by AICTE. Our college is known as one of the premier Institutes for its academic excellence and value-based education.

We offer IT (Information Technology) courses like BCA, MCA, MSC-IT & ICST courses. We also have a training & placement collaboration with iBirds Software Services Pvt. Ltd. as we seek to imbibe a technical mindset in our students. The college provides free internships to students.

The college has been built on the pillars of Quality Education, Social Service, Positive Attitude, Commitment, Dedication, and Promoting Indian Values. We strongly focus on research and encourage our faculties and students to undertake consultancy projects with corporations. The teaching methodology is at par with the latest and innovative methodologies accepted worldwide.

We believe in the techniques, which include market research, case study analysis, industry-specific assignments, industrial visits, multi-dimensional projects, and its 360-degree analysis. The journey of Star Infotech has been rewarding till date and we continue to serve IT program courses in Ajmer with our around-the-clock efforts for innovation & excellence.

Meet Our Experts

  • MR. Varun Bundel

    MR. Varun Bundel

    Senior Lecturer

    Holds 15+ years of experience and has worked as a lecturer in a couple of colleges. He also contributes to the development and placement activities. He has an excellent command of cloud computing. He is one of the lecturers, who believes in dedication and his teaching methodology makes his students understand every topic in a better way. He not only teaches but also motivates students. His zeal and enthusiasm inspire students and he has prepared students to develop budding technocrats as per the need of time.

  • Mr. Yogesh Diwaker

    Mr. Yogesh Diwaker

    Senior Lecturer

    Holds 18+ years of experience in the teaching field. He has worked as a lecturer in several Colleges. He makes programming language into a simple and understandable format so that students can easily understand and learn. He is one of the lecturers who not only teaches academic subjects but also inspires students to become better human beings. Mr. Diwaker has changed and nourished many students' lives and helped them grow in their careers.

  • Mr.  Mohammed Imran Khan

    Mr. Mohammed Imran Khan

    Senior Lecturer

    Holds 5+ years of experience and has shown dedication & punctuality towards his work in the area of academics. He holds a great command of Languages like Java, C++, OS, etc. He is one of the lecturers who is Strong-willed, positive, energetic, enterprising, enthusiastic, brave, innovative, Independent, highly ambitious and understands each student patiently.

  • Mrs. Dipti Kothari

    Mrs. Dipti Kothari

    Senior Lecturer

    Holds 17+ years of experience in the education field. She holds an excellent command of Python, PHP, and other programming subjects. She makes every student understand a program through logic development and breaks hurdles by nourishing the student’s logic. She is well-versed in the subjects she teaches, which is one of her biggest qualities in teaching. She is Hardworking, stable, disciplined, practical, and reliable.

  • Miss Deepa Nankwani

    Miss Deepa Nankwani

    Senior Lecturer

    Holds 8+ years of experience with good command over Adv. Basic & web-designing. She is dedicated and passionate about her work.

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    Training & Placement Partner

    iBirds Software Services Pvt. Ltd. is a training and placement partner for Star Infotech College. iBirds is a global Information Technology Service Provider with a team of brilliant and dedicated professionals with a count of 150+ serving more than 500+ Clients across different Countries since 2008. iBirds is working on all the latest technologies like Salesforce, Mobile App, CMS Web Communities, Hadoop, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
    Enrolling with Star Infotech College will give you a chance to associate yourself for 6 Months internship with iBirds, which would give wings to your career and will open a path for entering into the Software Development field.

    placement partners

    Star Infotech College of Technology and Engineering Placement process is a result of a joint effort of the Institute and the student. We are committed to provide 100% placement assistance. We conduct regular employability and skill enhancement programs to ensure that we deliver industrially acceptable resources with great potential to perform. The SBA Education Society leaves no stone unturned to create long-term symbiotic professional associations with corporations/Industries and partner with their business initiatives, and in the process, students gain profound practical learning experience, while participating in such initiatives. We are proud and honored to have corporate/ industry contacts from all sectors, across the country, supporting our Internship and placement process.