Mission & Vision


  • To equip students and teachers with the tools they need to create knowledge and to make them self-sufficient.
  • To support an innovative learning process in which learning is contextualised in the real-world changes, needs, and problems.
  • To prepare students for leadership by instilling in them a mature mind and heart capable of critical thinking, invention, and experimentation.
  • To inspire kids to explore their own uniqueness, innovate, and appreciate diversity.
  • To assist students in developing meaningful professions by improving their employability skills.
  • To commit to developing a connection with nature, other people, and their own deeper selves.
  • Interdisciplinary approaches, capacity-building programmes, and world-class research facilities will be used to assure the advancement of learning.
  • To prepare teachers to be outstanding scholars and researchers.


The College sees a society that is transformed for the betterment of humanity; a society in which inclusive and collaborative research and learning is a continuous process that benefits humanity on a local, national, and global scale. The College is committed to maintaining democracy and cultural heritage while also pursuing new and inventive ways to combine the need for socio-cultural uplift and the establishment of an equal society with academic quality and freedom.